The MediNiche corporate mission is to be a leading professionally recommended healthcare products company, specifically cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals.  These products continue to gain acceptance with educated consumers, patients, and medical professionals. 

Who We Are

MediNiche develops and markets “branded” consumer, patient and doctor recommended cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products.  Product development is done in conjunction with appropriate medical professionals, e.g., optometrists, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, orthopedic surgeons, dentists, registered dental hygienists, ob/gyns, estheticians, etc.  These medical professionals, having the education, training, and experience in a focused healthcare area, provide strategic direction on product requirements and formulations for specific consumer and patient needs.  Following medical professional consulting involvement and extensive literature searches, the resulting identified products are presented for marketing research, commercially finalized and the presented for sale to our customers.  Visit MediNiche – Click Here


MediNiche develops, markets and distributes consumer healthcare products such as OCULASH®, lash and brow gel, OCUDERMA®, ocular skin therapy gel, DERMAVITE®, dietary supplement for  hair, skin, nails, and lashes, ORTHO.TABS®, vitamin and mineral supplement for bone health, DENTAPLEX®, vitamin and mineral supplement for oral health, FEMTABS®, dietary supplement for women on hormonal contraceptives, UROVITE®, dietary supplement for prostate health, and VASOVITE®, dietary supplement for vascular health, OCUSTAT®, dietary supplement for electronic device users, and LASINE®, dietary supplement for eye surgery patients.  MediNiche is pursuing additional new products through internal development, partnerships and collaborations.

What We Do

Healthcare Products Since 1995

MediNiche, Inc. is a consumer healthcare products company founded in February, 1995.  The name MediNiche was derived from a company objective that calls for the development of “niche products for medical markets”.

Highest Quality Ingredients

All MediNiche products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients.  Formulations contain specific ingredients that address the purpose for their use, e.g. calcium for osteoporosis, etc.  In some cases, MediNiche products will be recommended to patients prior to pharmacotherapy.

World-Class Supplements

MediNiche is building a world-class healthcare products company.  We will strive to excel at product development, professional relations and customer service.  This excellence will be established utilizing integrity, knowledge, experience, creativity, ability, diversity and the dedication of our employees.

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